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Hogs & Kitsches

Modern and Contemporary Home Decor and Fine Arts Books and Ephemera

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A Chairy Tale

There once were three little pigs all living together in the same treehouse in sunny West Los Angeles, California. Each had a different role to make their one house a home for all of them. The first loved furniture, the second loved art, and the third loved everything possible, so he tried to fill the home with every imaginable tchotchke that he would find randomly wherever he went.

XO Hogs & Kitsches

By Nate Dusaban


Furniture, Art, Tchotchkes

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I am always on the hunt for the perfect chair, cool object, trinkets, art, and collectibles. Let me help you find something special and stylish for your own pigsty.

Hogs & Kitsches

Los Angeles, California, United States



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